Camera Settings

Always wondered what camera settings you should be recording for your lightshow? Here it is. (Some may be applicable to non-DSLR cameras)

  • 1920x1080 or 4K. If you use a gopro I recommend using Superview feature.
  • 24FPS or 30 FPS. The higher the FPS the more blinky your modes will get.
  • I say stay away from 60 FPS or 120 FPS as it gives your video a “hyperrealistic” feel not natural.
  • 1/40 or 1/60 shutter. This will show your mode as accurately as possible.
  • Adjust your ISO accordingly to these settings if image is not bright enough.

Other recommendations

  • Have a backlight so it casts a silhouette on your body.
  • Fisheye lenses are great to add that “3D” effect to your shows.
  • If you are editing your video through a software, make sure you export the same settings that you shot in (If you shot in 1920x1080, export 1920x1080)
  • Overlay your music so people can hear all the beats your hit!

Nice editing and presentation sweetens the experience of your lightshows.


Duuude, prime info right here! I’ve been recording at 1/30 shutter speed but I’ll give 1/40 or 1/60 a try.

The other thing I’d add is my lens has an aperture setting - If it’s darker I usually just open the aperture all the way up and then close it like one or two clicks.

If it’s bright outside though, I generally go with a smaller aperture, and low ISO (100 or 200). I’ve found that that helps the light from my gloves to still show up and not get washed out by the daylight!

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I’ve always recorded at 60 fps but will definitely be giving 30 a shot

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1/30 will make your trails way more “traily”. Some cameras will start to look “glitchy” though at 1/30 if you don’t have a decent camera. I’m usually below 1/50 if I want that extra push, but it’s funny. Sometimes when I stream Ill go 1/250 to make my set blinky without changing my modes xD.


you’re so good at teaching!! So thankful that you’re going all in on this and the gloving academy! I had to find the right key to enter in the gloving game and you’re it! You answer so many questions that i forget to ask you lol! Thanks for this! And all your tutorials and time into the gloving world!! :pray: