important vids from back in my day

making a thread for vids and glovers from bAcK iN mY DaY that were important to me and i think are slept on these days.
starting off with a with a monumental show from Prestige, 2011


That Prestige show went hard!

Awe man I love when I get to dive into the past. Here are a few of my highlights:

Hilyfe wasn’t as well known but he was one of my favorite glovers. He was incredibly clean and just had one of those impeccable flows. He was on MLG and then LOL.

This is not one of my favorite lightshows but I’m choosing to highlight this one because it’s a notable show. It was one of the first times we saw someone using the circle move (invented by Stunna I believe) on camera. It’s a shame when awesome glovers get kind of forgotten by history and Spex is one of those guys I haven’t heard mentioned in probably a decade. I met Spex on the Throwlights forum back in the day. He was the captain of PM at the time, and someone who was always a kind soul and that I had a lot of respect for. From what I could tell, he was a great captain. Haha actually, now that I’m looking back at these comments, does anyone else remember TxB Roadrager?

In my mind, Mimik is a true artist. You can see just how ahead of his time he was when you look at the dates of his videos and what else was coming out around the same time. He was throwing shows back in 2010 that blow my mind today. This is one of my favorite Mimik shows from NYE 2009. The musicality, the finger roll control, and the flow is off the charts.


Dang thanks for sharing these. Awesome to see some legends of the past perform their art. Some I’ve never even heard of before. Definitely some sick lightshows :fire:

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hell yeah. hilyfe is so slept on. one of my inspos from when i was starting out fasho. lots of the MLG guys tbh (flu, hahji, adidas)… ppl seem to have forgotten about em =(

edit: yeah roadrager was on the tl forums back in the day lol. impactor that loved his ravns iirc.

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heres another one from 2011, one of my biggest liquid inspos, [LOL] [CULT] Baflr


Duuuude yesss, haha I remember when I first saw a video of Baflr doing liquid back in the day. Absolutely mind-boggling.

Funnily enough, I was going back and looking at old lightshow videos and I found myself in the background of this match :joy:
0:17 you can see me staring at the camera on the left side of the screen (with my tongue out??).

But uhhh yeah dude gotta give it up for Anti having just an unforgettable run of god-tier flowing.

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heres one from 2010.
one of my biggest gloveset and style inspos, TNT Yogi

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one of my favorite vids, dude is super slept on
LOL WTF Crescendo

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That Yogi show was so clean and well balanced. Don’t think I’ve seen him before, so discovering something new

Crescendo vid: simple yet satisfying

Can’t forget about these Stunna classics