Lab session... Its been a few years, criticism welcome.

Lab session 6/26/24

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I think the way you compose your shows, and where you chose to do certain things was really well done. I think though if you’re wanting criticism, and you got an open mind I’d tell you to watch Crafty shows…specifically this one…I see a lot of parallels in your style with this guy.

If you really want those level ups study this and glove to the same song, I think you’ll find yourself making new moves .

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I watched a little and, oh my god! Thanks for the advice!

Yo! I love the smooth pacing! It’s very hypnotic. Nothing that you did felt rushed or poorly thought out. It was consistent with the pace of the music. The color changes added variety (I would suggest overlaying the sound so that the clicking sound doesn’t distract from the show, but obviously this is a lab so it’s not that important.) Your grid movements were pretty clean and made sense.

Since you’re open to critique, I’d say that your steady pacing is a strength but also perhaps a weakness. I found it easy to start spacing out during your show. Perhaps try introducing more variety into your movements by ‘easing in and out’ of your movements. Try mixing up your speed and flow to keep things interesting. Also there’s always room for further cleaning up your moves and adding complexity.

Keep it up dude, you’re awesome!

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