Announcing Glover Rankings

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just launched Glover Rankings, based on an Elo system (the same system that is used in chess and professional gaming)!

Gloving is a highly competitive art, and as such has long been in need of a unified, and authoritative ranking system. The new Elo ranking system by delivers accurate rankings, regardless of the ruleset of the competition.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to community leaders who have hosted competitions in the past, so that we may retrospectively sanction their competitions and include the results in our rankings. We’ll also be reaching out to future competition organizers to sanction and include their results as well!

If you’re interested in hosting a competition and would like to be sanctioned by, please reach out to one of our admins.


What is the cut off date for competitions that can be qualified and what placement will count for points? Top 16, Top 8?

I am more than happy to provide all the results from my P10 system as well as King of Series if those qualify.

Hi Puppet!

Welcome to the community!

There isn’t currently a strict cutoff date for when we’ll accept past competitions to be sanctioned. We’ll evaluate each one individually based on a set of criteria including the organizer, the judges, the participants, and the scoring system.

Additionally, we’d be happy to include the entire bracket in our scoring calculations.

I’m familiar with the competitions you’ve hosted and I’d love to include them in our rankings. I’ll reach out to you one on one to discuss further.

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