Apply for your Team Flair.

Hey all I will be in charge of adding some new teams to the flairs that way you can rep your team on the site. You get to see your team emblem near your profile pic with this feature.

Currently we are recognizing teams that are well established or have been active for the last year.

If you wish for your team to be recognized, leaders/captains must have a account and do the following steps below. They will be given leadership role and have the ability to add other team members to the group.

Step 1: Comment your team and team acronym
Example: Infinite Movement (IM)

Step 2: Post a 100x100 Image of your team logo with transparent background. Image must be PNG (testing this out) It will come out like this on the site.

**Step 3: Provide a team description (**year started, what the team is about, etc)

Excited to see some new team flairs!


Should we have companies be teams too?

Yes! Let’s do it!