Do you see gloving as an abstract image, or a binary puzzle? Maybe even a combination of both?

The question stems from teaching~ I think learning how the student sees it changes how I teach. Some want concrete answers or “truths.” Some need metaphors in order to click.


I can look at this from both angles I feel like. To me the overall feeling of gloving is abstract to me. But the concepts, the moves, and the break down of them is more of a binary puzzle for my brain. I tend to think of concepts in the 1+1=2 type of way where all the pieces together form an abstract image.

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That’s an interesting thought thinking of concepts 1+1=2. I feel like my brain thinks of concepts more in subtraction. 2-1… circle move minus, another component = X. Which is probably more attuned to breaking things apart.

It’s a trippy thought really. What if you multiplied, or divided? Hmm.

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That is such a dope way to think about it. I never thought of it in the other senses of math. I have always looked at it as an additive art and not so much from the subtractive side.

That actually makes alot of sense on how you break stuff down when I am in a class with you.

I am not sure how to even start thinking about multiplying or dividing in gloving lmao I am still trying to wrap my head around it :laughing:

Multiplication may be creating that same movement but in different orientations. Almost sort of like fractals. Imagine facing forward, then facing backward, sideward would be like x4 xD

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