Hello, looking buy Atoms or ions

Hello, I’ve been using my friend’s aethers that he gave to me, but the casing and chips are all shot. I had Ions before but lost them at an event :sob: If anyone has good condition sets, I’d like to purchase a pair please!

I’m down to help you try to repair your aethers if you’d like!

Also I have some atoms scattered throughout my gloving stuff but I don’t think I have enough for a full set. If a few chips would be useful to you, I’d be down to let you have them for free.

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Hmm, I dunno if we’d be able to fix my Aethers. I think I need to get new casings for it, also chip to chip doesn’t work. Do you have any sets that are decent for sale? I feel bad taking free things.

I’m sending you a DM now!

I didn’t get a DM?

You’re right, I didn’t send a DM, I sent a message. It’s kind of confusing but I guess both types exist. I’ll send a DM right now!

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Aww dang, sorry I didn’t notice the message. I didn’t get a notification about it for some reason. I was just so fixated on the DM part of the app/website I didn’t even bother to look at messages, I mean I didn’t even know that existed either to be honest.
Thanks, I got the DM! :ok_hand:

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