Howdy! I noticed a lot of new people joining so figured it might be good to have a thread where we all can introduce ourselves to each other.

I’ll start! My name is Andrew Z. I was born and raised in North County San Diego and I’m currently based in downtown San Diego. I’ve been gloving since 2009 so, yikes, a long time :grimacing:.

Lightshows have been a passion of mine ever since the first time I laid eyes on an LED strobe. I believe that gloving has a bright future as a global sport / art. That’s why I’m committed to building a better world for glovers, whether that’s contributing to community initiatives, or just having ideas and taking action on them!

I founded a gloving company called Throwlights, where I’m having the time of my life building products to innovate in the lightshow game.

I am very lucky to have an incredible girlfriend, @jocelyn, who works at Throwlights alongside me, doing a lot of our engineering and operational work.

In my free time, I love going to festivals and seeing my glover friends. But that’s not all - I have a diverse range of interests, including learning new things, riding motorcycles, exercising, fishing, spearfishing, being in nature, cooking and trying different cuisines, backpacking, martial arts, the list goes on and on.

Looking forward to learning more about you all!


Yo! My name is Kevin and I go by [IM] Puppet.

I am a moderator for

I have been heavily involved with the gloving scene since 2012. From the moment I got my first lightshow at my first event I have been addicted. Gloving is so freeing and it’s so different compared to other types of dance out there. Over the decade, I have met so many amazing and influential people through gloving. The love and support that I was shown through the artform is something I’ve always wanted to give back tenfold. I have devoted so many years into nurturing both the local and online communities and have guided so many rising glovers from all around the world through their gloving journey.

It is my goal to help glovers achieve being the best lightshow performer they can be and to continue growing the artform by whatever means necessary. This is my passion.

You can sign up for classes with me at Gloving Academy or join my Patreon where I upload weekly educational gloving content with over 100+ videos available Patreon

Lastly if you are a Glow-LEDs fan, Use code “ALOHANATION” for 10% off at check out!

I appreciate all the support and some of the money I get goes back into hosting events and paying glovers <3


My name is Corey and I go by Ripple Effect

I started my flow journey September 29 2021 at SpunFest in Ohio.

I have a severe Traumatic Brain Injury along with ADHD, OCD, and Autism. Starlight’s Glove for Glove video is what got me started, when she said she could be herself in the light and it quiets everything down I said I gotta try.

Gloves replaced the Pharmaceuticals I was on and am finally able to really enjoy life and spreading the positivity that comes with flow. Anything I’m struggling in my head with crazy, nutty thoughts I put my gloves on and sit Infront of my mirror to give myself a kind of light show. It instantly removes all the madness going on with me at that moment and just like Starlight said I can truly be myself in the light.

Gloves saved my life and I found them at a time when I needed it the most. One of my favorite things I’ve done is introduce a few people to gloves and 3 of them I could see it worked for them as it does for me.

This is something I can see myself continuing to do for the rest of my life along with flowing with fire props. Hope everyone that read this has a great day and I wish for you to be super successful at your flow


Welcome Corey! What an inspiring story. It’s always incredible to me just how many people whose lives have been positively impacted by taking up gloving, and the degree to which it’s changed the lives of individuals.

Thank you for sharing!

You’re doing the EDM scene an incredible service by continuing the art. Thank You.


Aloha, I’m Kode.

Started in Early 2011, & put the gloves down in Late 2016. Now Im dusting them off.

Former Teams: [ALOHA NATION], [SEL], & [UP-HI]

In late 2010 my Brother Pono introduced me to the Existence of Gloving with one of Gummy’s old Videos. We started practicing and trading in Burger King’s Restroom.

Pono Created the Crew [ALOHA NATION] in early 2011, I joined and til late 2011 when we decided to disband. Me, & a few Friends Started [UP-HI] Urban Portraits HAWAII in late 2011.

2013 joined [SEL] SWEETE LIGHTS under Team Vivid’s Amy. Then Sponsored by OrbitShowLight.

Ive Missed the Community, the trades and giving shows. So 2024 I got a Set for the 1st Time in Years. Once a Glover, Always a Glover


Welcome Kode! So happy to see OG’s getting back into the scene and the art! Hope to see a show from you soon :slight_smile:

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My name is Sergio been Gloving since 2009 but didn’t know there was a Gloving community until 2014 lol :joy:

I Glove for fun and love to watch other ppl throw shows. Always friendly and happy to meet new people. If you ever catch me at a show or a meet let’s trade :raised_hands:t4:


Welcome Sergio! Hope to see a show from you soon!

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Hello all! My name is James and I go by Hylozo. I first saw someone gloving at EDC Orlando 2018, but I’ve only been gloving since December 2022.

Gloving to me is a way to clear my mind and helps bring me to the present moment. I love watching gloving videos, giving and receiving light shows, and sharing the interest with others whenever possible. I’m very grateful there’s an online community and enjoy getting to see it grow.

Aside from gloving, I enjoy making music, playing Warhammer 40k, watching anime, reading and discussing philosophy, and hanging with my family.


Flow Alias/Name: StarStream
Past Alias: StarStream TuT

Tags (Current): [ISO] Inspire Some One, [ICE] Intricate Creative Environment, [TLNT] Teenage Liquid Ninja Turtles, [WWG] WorldWideGlovers, [DEVs] Delightful Entrancing Visions, High On Lights [HOL], and [FAR] Fight Against Reality

Past Tags: [FV] Fantasy Vibes, [AV] Abstract Visuals, Perceive Our Trails [POT], [PASH] Performance Art & Science of Hands

  • Multi Prop Flow Artist Dancer & Performer -

Where: DFW. Texas U.S.A.

Bio: StarStream aka Mckinnley Riojas first began dancing in 2009 at the age of 13 practicing hip-hop footwork. After being inspired by liquid and animation style dancers of the era he then discovered Tutting after watching a JayFunk video. He then looked more into the history of its origins and studied Greg Irwin’s Finger Fitness Routine. Soon after, he would then discover gloving in 2011 from YouTube Advertisements from gloving companies. Due to being so young and having a sheltered upbringing he didn’t meet another glover or get his first lightshow until 2017. During that time he developed some gloving tutorials and videos for YouTube from the movements he would develop. It wasn’t until he saw a comment on his Instagram account about Glover’s Lounge that he joined a community in mid 2017. Soon after he met other glovers through social media and then the formation and creation of World Wide Glovers would begin. He would continue to build and expand the community while on the way recruiting for his team called [ISO] aka Inspire Someone broken down as an acronym for his favorite concept the isolation. This would also begin his journey to learn every Flow Art. Today the community is now known as The World Wide Flow Oasis. A safe space for flow artist’s of all styles to unite and network in harmony. Currently he is now working performance gigs for Toasty Present’s and Daisey’s One World. He is also sponsored by (Use code “StarStream” for 10% off and to support) and now coaches his flow method on :heart:

Social Handles: @StarStreamFlowArtist

Status: Very Active


Welcome Hylozo! What are some of the favorite philosophy things you’ve read or ideas that you have?

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Welcome StarStream! It’s been inspiring watching your progression as a flow artist over the years.

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Hey Luce! I’m a big fan of Existentialism, especially Albert Camus (his Myth of Sisyphus is a great dive into finding love in the ‘absurd’). I also love moral philosophy such as Kant and Nietzsche, and the works of Plato (as a teacher, I utilize the Socratic method as much as possible in my classroom). My FAVORITE topics to discuss are theories of consciousness. Have you read any philosophical works/do you have any favorite philosophical topics you like to discuss?

That’s so cool to learn about! Sadly I can’t say I have any amount of formal (or otherwise) education on philosophers or their works. It’s never stopped me from conjecturing or pontificating throughout my life, but I think it’s resulted in a whole lot of “what if I’m the only one who exists” type of stuff instead of having informed and studied perspectives to discuss.

I’ve always wanted to learn more about philosophy, so I’ll definitely make a mental bookmark to check out some of the works you mentioned. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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The great thing about philosophy is we all naturally do it and seek answers to big questions with or without formal education or studying. I appreciate you taking an interest, and if you ever want to discuss anything, I’m here for it!

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Not sure if im doing any of this correctly but I would like to introduce myself my name is Nicolas McClain AKA: PO. I am a Sponsored Glover for I’m out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My home and flow community are located here. I’ve been gloving for almost 8 years now. You can catch my page on TikTok @pothaglover for tutorials, product info, and lightshows! Excited for a new platform to grow and learn from!! Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction hope to trade and connect one day! Until then JUST. KEEP. GLOVING.
PS… code PO saves 10% at!!!