New 'Recognized Teams' with custom Avatar Flair

We’ve just launched Recognized Gloving Teams with custom avatar flair.
Teams we’ve added so far include:

  • Puppet Masters
  • Infinite Movement

If you represent a gloving team and you’d like your team to be officially recognized, please reach out to one of our staff members!

If you’re a member of a gloving team that has already been recognized, and you’d like to be added to the group so that you can rock the flair, please visit our Groups listing and request to join your team from your group leader.

<< EYE EMM :eyes:





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new PM flair goes unnecessarily hard

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all these new flairs go hard!

excited to see what new ones come in.

Dang that swag looks really cool ngl. Glad we’re putting some art and personality on this website :fire:

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